The western Galilee has the perfect summer combination to offer you, fellow travelers. 
The unique landscape between mountain and sea enriches your days with great opportunities. 
All you have to do is choose between the green high mountains, offering you cooler days and cool beautiful nights and the sea side with that great Israeli sun and the perfect water temperature.

All of us at the Western Galilee Now association planned a great summer for all of you, with events, workshops, tours, culinary delights and more.
We are waiting for you here all summer long to enrich your summer vacation.Be sure to follow our monthly events.

Come and look into the great month of July, dedicated to the art of the region. 
You will find a variety of options- find the art you love.
We have created various day tours you can enjoy here in the Western Galilee. Here is one family day tour we think you can enjoy:
We have set up a route throughout the Western Galilee suitable for the whole family.
The first point on the route is Lake Monfort. A perfect combination between natural and artificial. 
Come enjoy a walking path encircling the lake providing a pleasant walk around the lake including the new JNF-USA waterfall promenade. 
Paddle boats an ice-skating rink on site, Karting, Extreme Climbing Park and more!
Opening hours:
Sun-Sat 8am-8pm
For: Ice skating, Boating, Karting - please call in advance.

No entrance fee to the Park
A short distance from Lake Monfort is the village of Peki'in.From the Hosen junction near Lake Monfort (on road 89). Turn left onto road 864 and soon you will reach Pekiin Village. We will cross the village, and close to the exit we will see a sign pointing to the Rashbi Cave, and we will park in the parking lot next to it.
A quaint village with winding cobbled lanes, historic stone homes and picturesque plants and flowers in the many gardens. The historic village is perched on a hill top at an elevation of 600 meters above sea level with gorgeous views and has a fascinating history and a current population of Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druze.
Description of the route: The route starts from a vantage point on the village and descends to its alleys. We will descend with the path about 30 meters to the Cave of Rashbi, and the trail will lead us down to the village spring, which is Ein el Balad. The next stop is the ancient synagogue in Peki'in, built in 3781 on ancient foundations, from there we will continue the tour by foot. We will end on the main road, where we left one vehicle.
After the visit in Pekiin, you can continue along Route 89 until you reach the Alkosh junction, where you turn left until you turn left again to the Abirim village where the Hefer Farm is located.
Edna and Eyal Hefer’s Ranch (Meshek Hefer) at the village of Abirim is right in the middle of a natural grove with vast wild landscapes and beautiful roads leading to Kziv stream. On the farm there’s a goat pen, horses, camping space and two cabins, Rangers to ride, hammocks and a refrigerator stocked with home-made goat cheese from Edna’s Cheeses dairy, made by Edna.
Mitzpe Abirim
Opening Hours: Daily - Please call in advance +972-52-5832532
After the visit, we will return to Route 89 and drive to the village of Hurfeish. A Druze village located in one of the coldest settlements in the Galilee due to its location on the mountain peaks.
About Hefer Ranch
Drive through the small Druze village Horfesh. You will find statues along the way including the statue of Sultan al-Atrash a prominent Druze leader on his horse, sambusak parlors (savory pastry) along the road and if you enter the old part of the town look out for the special women project - “Lace Making” maintaining traditional art and a source of income for the local women.

Length of the route: about 2.5 km
Difficulty: Easy

How to get there: Take Route 89: Nahariya-Maalot-Tarshiha-Hurfeish-Sasa leading to Zefat. The village has two entrances: west of Ma'alot and east of Sasa - Mount Meron, you can enter with vehicles to the heart of the village
Description of the route: The route starts at the main western square in the village of Horfesh. The tour will start with an alley that goes north from the village square, into the village core, touching the stone houses on both sides and disappearing between the old stone houses.
Further to Kfar Hurfeish, we will see the peak of Mount Meron, on Route 89, between Horfesh and Sasa, near the 32nd kilometer, following the signs to the Meron Field School. Continue with the road all the way up and park in the parking lot where the road ends.


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